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Based on more than 125 years of development and with a current portfolio of more than 50,000 different abrasive articles KLINGSPOR meet the needs of global production companies as well as local craftsmen.

Our products are used wherever there is a need to refine a surface or an edge. We have 36 manufacturing and sales units all over the world, each of which handles the special requirements that apply nationally, regionally and globally. KLINGSPOR A/S in Denmark is Scandinavia's largest department with 25 experienced staff and a professional warehouse and logistics center.

In addition to grinding wheels, abrasive paper, cutting discs, polishing materials and other articles for grinding and finishing of surfaces and edges we distribute castors.


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You can get guidance, advice and answers from our experienced specialists. They are experts in their own products, and they have experience in the industries we support within grinding, sawing, deburring, polishing etc. 

Torben Jespersen
Product Specialist